What order do I apply my products in?


1. To wash the hair we use shampoo, which you must apply on damp hair. But some time ago, you can also find pre-poo on the market. It is a product that is applied 10-15 minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo and that experts recommend for very dry, colored hair, with oily roots, etc.

Afro-Love - Clarifying shampoo

Afro-Love - Nourishing Shampoo


2. Dry shampoo will get you out of some predicament, but it's not recommended to use it daily. The day you can't wash your hair, don't have water for some reason or just want to give your hair texture, you can use it, always on dry hair.


3. Co-wash is a shortened version of “conditioner-only washing”. It’s a specially formulated cleanser product with ingredients that gently cleanse and remove product buildup. Is a 2-in-1 product that cleanses and conditions at the same time. It is not recommended to use daily and replace the shampoo and conditioner. It’s recommended to be used in combination with them.

Afro-Love - Wash & Love Cleansing Creme


4. Conditioner or mask? After washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing it with plenty of water, it is recommended that you use a conditioner or a mask. You can use the mask once a week or at specific times according to your hair needs and the conditioner the rest of the days. Or you can use the mask and then the conditioner to seal in the mask hydration. Important: both conditioner and mask are applied only from mid-lengths to ends. If the opposite is not indicated on the label, you have to rinse them with plenty of water. The objective of both products is to repair, nourish, hydrate and soften the hair.

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Afro-Love - Hair Soufflé – Mask

Mantekiya Pa'l Pelo - AJOCEBOLACHA (Garlic, Onion and Beet Hair Butter)

Mantekiya Pa'l Pelo - COCOMIELJIBRE (Coconut, Honey & Ginger Hair Butter)

Mantekiya Pa'l Pelo - HUEVOLIVACATE (Egg, Olive and Avocado Hair Butter)


5. Leave-in conditioner. For long manes and drier hair, there is a miraculous product: leave-in creams or conditioners, which facilitate detangling, moisturize, protect and shine hair. It is applied on damp hair and you do not have to rinse it out. Remember to apply it from mid-lengths to ends so roots do not grease, after having removed the moisture from your hair with the towel.

Afro-Love - Leave-in and Smoothie


6. Serum or hair oil? Although the texture is similar, they are products with different objectives. Serum is a styling product you can use to give your hair more shine, protect it from frizz and soften it; it also serves to seal the cuticle. It is applied on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. Oil, on the other hand, is not a styling product, but a care product. Provides nutrition and extra hydration to the driest, most damaged or colored hair. You can apply it on damp hair, after washing, but also on dry hair, as a nourishing cure, before washing it, leaving it to act for 10-15 minutes, even overnight. You can use serum and oil interchangeably, and in both cases two or three drops will be enough.

Afro Love Oil Blend


7. Styling creams, gels and other products to define. If you have curly hair you will have to use creams, gels or other products to define your curls. If your hair is very frizzy, you can use an anti-frizz product. Or if you have done an updo and have fine hair, the gel will make your hairstyle last intact longer. Styling products are the last that you should apply to your hair to achieve the desired finish, on wet or dry hair, as a final touch.

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Afro Love – Tight Curl Hydrating Jelly