Our story

Erika Urueña
Doraliz Hidalgo

Afro Latino Europa was born when Erika Urueña (Colombian) and Doraliz Hidalgo (Dominican); two Latinas living in Slovenia, were joined due to the need to find suitable products for their hair care (wavy and afro) and create a platform that teaches and inspires people to love and let their hair be. The desire to serve and do things with excellence has always been in their hearts. That is why Afro Latino has been more than a store and has become a great family, where we always seek to give the best of ourselves to our community.

We also embrace the wearing natural hair movement. We are committed to this cause. Supporting and instructing people who have decided to follow the same path. Therefore, we take care of the information we share so it is helpful. We always think about adding value to our clients.

We know that hair is neither bad nor good, it is just hair; regardless of its color or texture. That is why the perfect hair is the one that everyone has. What we do believe is that hair tells a story, speaks about our roots, our ancestors and is so unique and special that it becomes our hallmark of authenticity. That is why we motivate those who follow us to feel proud of their hair. We raise our voices against racism and / or the rejection that can be against people because of their hair type. So, we want to contribute educating on this subject and breaking many taboos and stigmas that curly hair especially carries.

Of course, having beautiful and healthy hair are also reasons that move us to select carefully, high-quality products, accompanied by consultancy and a warm customer service.

This story does not end here, because you continue writing it with us! smiley